Structured Data Support for Product Variants: How to?

Structured Data Support for Product Variants: How to?

Latest Update on February 20, 2024, by Google Search Central

In 2022, Google expanded its support for Product structured data, revolutionizing product experiences in Google Search. Building on this foundation, in 2023, we introduced support for shipping and returns structured data. Today marks another milestone as we introduce structured data support for Product variants, empowering merchants to showcase more product variations and offer shoppers more relevant, informative results. Integrating variant structured data will not only enrich merchant center feeds but also enhance automated feeds.

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Understanding Product Variants

Many products come in diverse variations, from apparel and shoes to furniture and electronics. For instance, apparel is available in various sizes, colors, and materials, while electronics like laptops and smartphones differ in memory sizes and processors.

Implementing Product Variants Structured Data

To effectively incorporate structured data for product variants, several key elements must be considered:

1. hasVariant

  • This property allows Product variants to be nested under their parent ProductGroup, facilitating organized grouping of variants.

2. variesBy

  • By utilizing the variesBy property, variant-identifying properties can be clearly listed, ensuring accurate identification and classification of product variants.

3. productGroupID

  • The productGroupID serves as the unique identifier, commonly referred to as the “parent sku” of the ProductGroup. This ID is crucial for maintaining coherence and organization within the product variant structure.

These properties are instrumental in structuring product variant data effectively, enabling seamless integration and enhanced visibility across Google Search and related platforms.

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Verifying and Monitoring Product Variants Structured Data

To assist in implementing and monitoring product variants structured data, we’ve introduced new validations and comprehensive documentation for both single-page and multi-page variant websites. These validations are accessible through the Product snippets and Merchant listings reports in Search Console and the Rich Results Test.


We believe that these enhancements will streamline the process of adding variant structured data and enable your product variants to feature prominently on Google Search. For further assistance or inquiries, reach out to us via the Google Search Central Community or on social media.

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