Google Markup Update: Enhancing Organization Details with Logo Structured Data

Google Markup Update: Enhancing Organization Details with Logo Structured Data

Update on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, by Google Search Central

Since 2013, Google has supported logo structured data, recognizing two Organization fields: logo and URL. Today sees an expansion of support for organizational information, including additional administrative data such as name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers. Organizations can still provide logo and URL fields to specify the image used as their logo in Google search results. With this update, Google can utilize this markup in knowledge panels and other visual elements, aiding users in locating organization details on Google Search.

Image Source: Google Search Central

As part of this expanded support, the logo documentation is merged into the new organization documentation. The existing logo report in Search Console and validations in the Rich Results Test are replaced with more comprehensive organization validations in the Rich Results Test.

For those who have already added logo and URL fields via organization markup, no further action is necessary as Google still recognizes the logo markup. However, organizations are encouraged to add the new fields if applicable.

When providing additional organization details, markup becomes eligible to be displayed on knowledge panels, including the recently announced merchant knowledge panel.

Adding support for Organization to the Rich Results

Test your organisation’s structured data by submitting a URL or a code snippet. Users can instantly confirm the validity of their markup using the tool Rich Results Test.

Image Source: Google Search Central

For local businesses, it is recommended to follow existing local business markup guidelines alongside the new organization markup. For online businesses, utilizing the OnlineBusiness subtype of Organization is advised.

These additions aim to simplify the process of adding organization structured data, enabling it to be showcased on Google knowledge panels. For questions or concerns, individuals are encouraged to reach out via the Google Search Central Community.

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