Google Search Reviews System: February 2023 Product Reviews Update

Google Search Reviews System: February 2023 Product Reviews Update

Google Search’s reviews system aims to improve the quality and relevance of review content displayed in search results. This system focuses on rewarding high-quality reviews that provide insightful analysis and original research, written by experts or enthusiasts who possess a deep understanding of the topic. This article delves into how the reviews system works and what website owners can do to assess and enhance their review content.

How the Reviews System Works

The reviews system is designed to prioritize reviews that offer in-depth research and analysis, rather than thin content that merely summarizes products, services, or other topics. This system is continuously updated and refined to ensure that users see high-quality, informative reviews.

The reviews system evaluates articles, blog posts, pages, or similar first-party standalone content written with the purpose of providing a recommendation, giving an opinion, or offering analysis. It does not assess third-party reviews posted by users in the reviews section of a product or services page.

Reviews can focus on a single item, head-to-head comparisons, or ranked-lists of recommendations, covering a wide range of topics. They can be about products like laptops or winter jackets, pieces of media such as movies or video games, or services and businesses like restaurants or fashion brands.

The reviews system primarily evaluates review content on a page-level basis. However, for sites with a substantial amount of review content, the system may evaluate any content within the site. Sites with fewer reviews are less likely to undergo a site-wide evaluation.

Currently, the reviews system applies globally to the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish.

In the case of products, structured data for products might assist Google in better identifying if something is a product review, but the system does not solely depend on it.

What Does This System Mean for My Site?

For website owners, understanding and adapting to the reviews system is crucial for maintaining and improving search visibility:

  • Creating High-Quality Reviews: To create content that resonates with the reviews system, focus on producing high-quality reviews that offer in-depth analysis, original research, and expert insights. Explore google help page on writing high-quality reviews for more guidance.
  • Content Recovery: If your content has been impacted by the reviews system, improvements to your content can lead to recovery over time. However, it’s essential to note that the automated assessment of review content is just one of many factors used in ranking content, and changes can occur at any time for various reasons.


Google Search’s reviews system emphasizes the importance of high-quality, insightful, and original review content in search results. Website owners should focus on creating high-quality reviews, optimizing content for the reviews system, and continuously improving the quality and relevance of their review content to enhance search visibility and provide users with valuable insights.

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